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heyyo peeps!

so how my new blog look? 
quiet simple for this time. i didn't use any design-background so it looks plain and nice! haha.

sepatutnya nak tukar new year twothousand-forteen nanti but tak sabar gila sbb my new header from my beloved blogger chingu dah siap so im too ExCiTeD to decorate my blog ohoho

as usual, my blog will always full with 12 wolves + 7 chasers *bcoz they're my bias* hehe 
so i hope u dont mind if my blog full with their cute-handsome face haha! 

hurmm..what's next? i donno what to share with u now. 
aha! okey tak lagu blog ni? sounds nice and i dont even know ini lagu Yuna, mula-mula dengar ingatkan artis international mana la nyanyi. but Yuna international jgk kan skrg? haha

actually i really donno what should i type on this post bcoz.....
their first world tour has ended today [ 090813-061213 ] 
i miss the moments when i jumped, danced, sang with INFINITE and fangirling with INSPIRITS
'till we meet eyes to eyes again, saranghae *mmuah*  :') :')