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Hello guys!

Long time no post right? I'm actually planned nak share my daily life since I become a Diploma student but sorry man, I'm so so busy with the assignment, discussion and events. What I dont really like being a Part 1 student is we have to attend most of the event that were held in the campus organized by the seniors. Well, the juniors always need to follow/do what the seniors asked us to do, huh. I hope soon when I become a senior, the junior also need to come to my event like used to do now because the event is the same event that we need to organized every year haha

Okay, the reason why suddenly I post a new entry here is because I'm interested to join a giveaway hosted by my blogger-crush, Erin Azmir (I love to follow her updates since I found her on my chatbox in this blog. Thank you for existing, your blog content is so nice!). She also the one who have helped me purchasing this blog template that I currently use on my blog ^__^

I'm actually open her blog to find one of her post that can help me finish my assignment then I found that she is currently hosting a giveaway that I can still join it. The dateline is on 31st of July. Also, I'm amazed with the item that she will giving away and thats make me want own it. Look at the picture above, isn't so beautiful? ikr.  Lately, I love a simple yet minimalist design. So, I hope that I'm the lucky person who will win this template. If I'm not, I hope she will share the HTML code to me (hopefully) hehe.

The rules are simple:

1. Must be following my blog if you still haven't since this giveaway is for my followers
2. Make an entry titled 'Premade Template Giveaway by' with the image banner linking to this post
3. Tag 3 people to join
4. Comment on this post with your entry link 

I've done doing for number 1 and 2 so I'm going to do for number 3 and 4.

I want to tag:

Hope three of you dont mind to join this giveaway tagged by me. Thank you