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hi peeps. its been 2 weeks i guess im not typing some story here.
and this week, i would to continue typing and typing bcoz i love it! lol

this week, im toooooo busy.i guess tak belajar langsung. eh tak, belajarla 2-3 subjects gitu hmm next next week Mid-year exam pulaks eurghh do i looks like i love exaaaams? -___-

ok back to the topics, GRADUATION & AWARD
last wednesday 23/4/2014, my school held a graduation ceremony for lepasan SPM & STPM 2013 and anugerah permata for calon PMR who get excellence result, 8A and 9A

am so excited bcoz its been a loooong time im not walking on the stage receiving any awards. it should be my last walking on the stage was on 19/12 if im not mistaken receiving my PMR result but sadly i didnt attend the ceremony so tak merasa la naik pentas u___u

my mom also sgt excited + happy and she came to watch me walking on the stage last wednesday haha. im receiving Anugerah Permata 9A PMR. Alhamdulillah all praise to Allah, the Most Merciful.

on the same day, my fav-crazy-kind-unnie was graduated and she has become ex-SMKAP hahaha
*hope that she's not reading this post*
will miss fangirling over exo together, talking something merepek, gelak kuat gilaa lol
keknas, goodluck in your studies! future laywer to be gitu. i know you can do it. following your mum's step
dont ever forget me and dalilah here and always contact us through social medias that we have mcm skrg ni. one day, rasa mcm nak serbu your house saja saja prgi visit ke haha

how time flies, sekejap je kenal. if not bcoz of chorus speaking 2012, i didnt know you. ingatkan sombong ahahaha. hopefully one day jumpa lagi kat luar sekolah ke, rasa mcm terhutang sbb tak belanja keknas Domino's lg haihh.

hopefully SPM next year, i will get the best result like yours amiin . muach xoxo :')

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hi there readers. in the middle of the night i feel like wanna share something on this blog so that i can feel better to sleep. theres lotsa problems in my mind. kinda a bit stress but i have to release it, hmm

especially this week. so so so a hectic week. ive know my UP1 result already. im really not feel very satisfied yet happy  about my result and i feel so weak. got 3 subjets failed. and only got 2 As hmm. how can amni? your SPM will be 11 subjects and you must score all straight As tsk tsk *crying* 
and the important is i didnt tell my parents yet bcoz im really scared and might be crying infront of them. how if they scold me when they look to my worst result and my ranking? *crying again* i cant imagine.

on this week also i have some problems regarding Persatuan Usahawan Muda and the cikgu pembimbing. this thingy makes me feel very tension to the max. if i explain here, my post might be very loooooooooong and maybe will stop typing by tomorrow. haha. eurgh very annoying team members and the teacher. rasa macam nak keluar je dari persatuan tu but im the AJK Multimedia and of course the teacher will not allow me to move to other persatuan. hek eleh

and tomorrow, early in the morning i have to meet her at school even tho tomorrow is saturday and that is my rest time. one word to describe is....LAZY lazy LAZY -_____-

mood have changed to annoying mood to the max. huh nyampah ko tahu?
nak buat guane, apa-apa kita buat kena sentiasa pikir Positif gituuu

that's all, finally i feel very sleepy. maybe bcoz ive express my feelings through keyboard. yeahhh
ehem. EXO and INFINITE will make their comeback as soon as possible. yaeyy! lol