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hey guys.
you know what, just now i've reavealed my skill on editing photos on Instagram haha.
coz everyday i always receive the same questions like "edit guna apps apa eh?" "guna iPhone eh?" "apps vscocam eh?"
okay. i wanna laugh ㅋㅋㅋ
lawaklah korang. korang dah tertipu. i'm not an iPhone user and vscocam user. just a Galaxy Ace Plus user and im in love with Picsart application.
for me, Picsart is like Photoshop. since imma blogger, i learn so many skills on editing photos to decorate blog.
aku tak suka guna effect yg tersedia tu. sudah terbiasa dgn brightness-contrast-saturation je.
but now aku terminat dgn vintage and lomo effect. so classy!
haritu aku baru cubatrytest guna apps vscocam kat iPhone kwn aku sbb apps ni kat iPhone je. hmmm not bad effect dia but aku still ubah brightness and contrast effect tu mihmihmih
VSCOcam ke? hahaha *..lah sangat*

hey guys. ssup?

so today aku nak cerita sikit pasal Instagram aku. pasal my daily picture update.
engkorang tau apa itu Instagram? ha, Instagram ni atau short form dia 'IG' ni adalah medium utk tonjolkan bakat-bakat korang dlm bab photography ni. tp, skrg IG ni dah digunakan sebagai sebuah social media utk menjual barang. online shop la katakan. IG ni sebenarnya boleh update guna smartphone je.
HA! pasal online shop ni la yg aku nak cakap sikit sebenarnya. kalau korang stalk aku punya IG ni kan, kau rasa aku punya gambar menunjuk sgt kah? over sgt kah? ke korang rasa aku upload gambar tu sbb aku nak attention dari korang?
sebenarnya kan, NIAT AKU TAK MACAM TU PUN.

aku pun tak tau la kenapa schoolmates aku ckp macam tu. ye, mmg aku sgt addicted to online shopping skrg. MAKA, gambar yg aku upload tu semua sbg feedback seorang customer kpd tuan kedai tu. diorang nak tau la okey ke customer ni guna produk yg diorang jual. lagipun, diorang yg suruh aku upload. so cara aku nak bg feedback tu suka hati aku. nak posing ke, nak campak atas katil pastu snap gambar gitu pun boleh. wahahaha

so, aku tak nak la korang salah anggap. kau ingat aku suka ka dok buruk sangka macem tu?
pasal online shop akan dtg eh? kalau aku rajin, aku share la kedai mana aku selalu melesapkan duit haha ^^
that's all. bye ;)

yo ssup.
currently stalking someone's Tumblr and I found this gif ;
ahhhh I miss meeting them live infront of my eyes.
last picture of their warm bow really makes me cry. serious, im crying. 
#OGSMY always in my mind. i love you INFINITE :')

hey guys. 
miss me? oh no no no :132:
alright. so today im gonna update a post about Heart Shaped Polaroid Collage or  "polaroid film yg disusun jadi bentuk love kat dinding tu" haha. to those who have millions of  polaroid film that u donno what to do with it so this post maybe can help you. or we call it as, " do it yourself (DIY) "

but if you dont have any polaroids, dont worry u still can do this by follow this post hehe 

since i've bought an Instax Mini 8 this year, on May if im not mistaken and from that day i've snapped a lot of photos so too many film i've used and i really want to make this thing (heart shaped polaroid collage). today i have found this tutorial gahhh IM SO HAPPY! more happy if i can share this awesome tutorial with you 

So put on your party hats and let's kick things off with a Polaroid Heart Collage How-To.

Inspired by this photo i found on this blog, i decided to grab a stack of polaroids and turn them into a heart shaped collage for my bedroom.


awesome right? It's the cutest.

so you can arrange your polaroids by follow the step on []

i also still in trying mood to build this collage. a bit hard but if we try, really worth it insyaAllah. 
kalau tak jadi. dont worry, try an error okey? :face44:

that's all. till we meet again, bye :face40:

hey guys.
korang suka shopping tak? mesti suka kan?
so today nak promote sikit. saya ada buat preloved sale 
kalau korang ada instagram boleh search  instashop saya @randomawesome_
bagi yg takde dont worry, boleh click [] ^^
to those yg tak tahu preloved tu apa,,, Preloved means barang yg kita beli tapi tak pakai dah atau perkataan lain ialah 'bundle'
kenapa preloved items saya tak murah macam kedai lain?

1. sebab saya beli je tp tak pakai langsung pun. orang lain tu dah pakai 2-3 kali
2. pastu preloved items saya ni semuanya saya beli online so mmg agak mahal sikit + postage
3. last reason is saya taknak terlalu rugi dgn menjual preloved items saya ni sbb saya tak pakai langsung. kira brand new la. lainla kalau dah pakai pergi kenduri ke jenjalan ke. just pakai waktu try je.

kalau awak nak sesangat, boleh wechat saya and kita boleh buat rundingan harga. hehe ^^
asalkan preloved items saya habis dijual as soon as possible.

that's all, bye (:

hey guys. 
so today i feel like to update about my unforgetable day for me since my blog is like my diary.
the story is about ...

hoya, infinite, and L image

meeting this 7 handsome boys! ^^
i dont want to type stories when i was there bcoz nanti terover pulak kan. just want to share some of my pictures. i also took many videos but im afraid there are some copycats here so i hope u understand this situations. 
finally i can meet them live and infront of my eyes. this is my first time going to concert and u guys pun tahu kan kalau org first time dpt jumpa biases dia mcm mana hahaha. OMAGASHH
outside the stadium. a crowd of INSPIRITS! i was line up from afternoon till we can enter the stadium. thanks fatin coz save my place and line up infront of others Rockzone left's. on this time, i always ask myself "bila boleh masuk ni... tak sabar" dah la asyik dengar lagu INFINITE dari luar sbb diorang tgh rehearsal lagi la tak sabar ^^
my ticket. i bought a Rockzone Left ticket a month before the concert day. look how am so excited! haha
that cute fan from :)
L's solo performance
Torawha Torawha!
Voice of My Heart
before the dawn~ BEFORE THE DAWN~

when i watch this part of the concert. my tears fall. i really miss them T^T
introducing u, my #OGSMY partner in crime haha. thanks a lot! we had so much fun there. singing, dancing, fangirling and lompat-lompat together :P  //tired face. sorry//

and after am going back to my uncle's house in Cheras, i bought lotsa official and unofficial merchandise. really affordable price they gave to us after the concert end.
sorry coz upload sikit je gambar sbb takut post ni panjang lebar kang loading lama gila pulak.

the next day, me and fatin naik bas balik ke rumah masing-masing. sangat penat. samapai-sampai je terus pergi sekolah pheww =_=

that's all. hope u guys enjoy reading. please dont mad or jealous with me. bye ;)

hey guys.
so how u guys doing? haha

so today i would like to share with u about two blogs that i really addict. these two blog was 100% full edited by me and i donno why i really love their templates than mine, really love it!

theme; oldish and vintage
[] owned by Dalilah Azmi. 

theme; anime and colourful
[] owned by Khairul Bariah
actually KB's blog baru je di edit tadi haha

all in all, i really like their templates. u donno how i feel but i love it!  lol haha //slap me//
so do visit and follow their online diary. chow!

Spread Love. xoxo