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hey guys.
so how u guys doing? haha

so today i would like to share with u about two blogs that i really addict. these two blog was 100% full edited by me and i donno why i really love their templates than mine, really love it!

theme; oldish and vintage
[http://hogwartscitizen.blogspot.com/] owned by Dalilah Azmi. 

theme; anime and colourful
[http://dropthatbeatandlisten.blogspot.com/] owned by Khairul Bariah
actually KB's blog baru je di edit tadi haha

all in all, i really like their templates. u donno how i feel but i love it!  lol haha //slap me//
so do visit and follow their online diary. chow!

Spread Love. xoxo 

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