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12:35:00 AM
hey guys.
you know what, just now i've reavealed my skill on editing photos on Instagram haha.
coz everyday i always receive the same questions like "edit guna apps apa eh?" "guna iPhone eh?" "apps vscocam eh?"
okay. i wanna laugh ㅋㅋㅋ
lawaklah korang. korang dah tertipu. i'm not an iPhone user and vscocam user. just a Galaxy Ace Plus user and im in love with Picsart application.
for me, Picsart is like Photoshop. since imma blogger, i learn so many skills on editing photos to decorate blog.
aku tak suka guna effect yg tersedia tu. sudah terbiasa dgn brightness-contrast-saturation je.
but now aku terminat dgn vintage and lomo effect. so classy!
haritu aku baru cubatrytest guna apps vscocam kat iPhone kwn aku sbb apps ni kat iPhone je. hmmm not bad effect dia but aku still ubah brightness and contrast effect tu mihmihmih
VSCOcam ke? hahaha *..lah sangat*

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