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hey guys. 
so today i feel like to update about my unforgetable day for me since my blog is like my diary.
the story is about ...

hoya, infinite, and L image

meeting this 7 handsome boys! ^^
i dont want to type stories when i was there bcoz nanti terover pulak kan. just want to share some of my pictures. i also took many videos but im afraid there are some copycats here so i hope u understand this situations. 
finally i can meet them live and infront of my eyes. this is my first time going to concert and u guys pun tahu kan kalau org first time dpt jumpa biases dia mcm mana hahaha. OMAGASHH
outside the stadium. a crowd of INSPIRITS! i was line up from afternoon till we can enter the stadium. thanks fatin coz save my place and line up infront of others Rockzone left's. on this time, i always ask myself "bila boleh masuk ni... tak sabar" dah la asyik dengar lagu INFINITE dari luar sbb diorang tgh rehearsal lagi la tak sabar ^^
my ticket. i bought a Rockzone Left ticket a month before the concert day. look how am so excited! haha
that cute fan from lkimfan.net :)
L's solo performance
Torawha Torawha!
Voice of My Heart
before the dawn~ BEFORE THE DAWN~

when i watch this part of the concert. my tears fall. i really miss them T^T
introducing u, my #OGSMY partner in crime haha. thanks a lot! we had so much fun there. singing, dancing, fangirling and lompat-lompat together :P  //tired face. sorry//

and after am going back to my uncle's house in Cheras, i bought lotsa official and unofficial merchandise. really affordable price they gave to us after the concert end.
sorry coz upload sikit je gambar sbb takut post ni panjang lebar kang loading lama gila pulak.

the next day, me and fatin naik bas balik ke rumah masing-masing. sangat penat. samapai-sampai je terus pergi sekolah pheww =_=

that's all. hope u guys enjoy reading. please dont mad or jealous with me. bye ;)

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