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hi there readers. in the middle of the night i feel like wanna share something on this blog so that i can feel better to sleep. theres lotsa problems in my mind. kinda a bit stress but i have to release it, hmm

especially this week. so so so a hectic week. ive know my UP1 result already. im really not feel very satisfied yet happy  about my result and i feel so weak. got 3 subjets failed. and only got 2 As hmm. how can amni? your SPM will be 11 subjects and you must score all straight As tsk tsk *crying* 
and the important is i didnt tell my parents yet bcoz im really scared and might be crying infront of them. how if they scold me when they look to my worst result and my ranking? *crying again* i cant imagine.

on this week also i have some problems regarding Persatuan Usahawan Muda and the cikgu pembimbing. this thingy makes me feel very tension to the max. if i explain here, my post might be very loooooooooong and maybe will stop typing by tomorrow. haha. eurgh very annoying team members and the teacher. rasa macam nak keluar je dari persatuan tu but im the AJK Multimedia and of course the teacher will not allow me to move to other persatuan. hek eleh

and tomorrow, early in the morning i have to meet her at school even tho tomorrow is saturday and that is my rest time. one word to describe is....LAZY lazy LAZY -_____-

mood have changed to annoying mood to the max. huh nyampah ko tahu?
nak buat guane, apa-apa kita buat kena sentiasa pikir Positif gituuu

that's all, finally i feel very sleepy. maybe bcoz ive express my feelings through keyboard. yeahhh
ehem. EXO and INFINITE will make their comeback as soon as possible. yaeyy! lol

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