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aloha! lol
even tho dah 16 tahun 9 hari haha but i still want to share this post.

on 17th March 2014 - Monday, around 3 p.m i guess. i received a big (kinda) photo album on my desk. someone have putted it on my desk. time tu aku masuk class lambat dari makmal kimia even tho dah tahu cikgu takde tp gedik jugak naik lewat. takpelah, biar anak buah naik class dulu biar ketua class ni naik lambat sikit wahaha lol

once i stepped into my classroom. half of my classmates were at my desk while laughing like hell. aku dah la dgn gigit choki choki kat mulut sbb tangans dah penuh dgn bukusss. pastu diorang lagi la tambah gelak tu.

i was like wae? why? why? what happened? and they said "AMNI  HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY HAHA. WE FORGOT ABOUT YOUR BIG DAY. TAK TAHU PUN"

i replied "HAHA hmm hmm lol"
and they suddenly said "Ohgoshh both of you are so sweet, so cute" but they dont allow me utk tengok benda alah apa yg diorang tengok tu. i was like "WOI apa ni??!!" =_________=

then my assistant class-monitor show me a photo album that full with memories since im in primary school. and she said "this is actually a gift from your bestfriend. she did a suprised i guess and i donno that you not open it yet. haha"

AWHH terharu. cesh haha

taraa!! 16th's  one and only birthday gift from friend

such a precious birthday gift ever. i love the "guy you love the most" part haha you know me well dude.
last two years she gave me INFINITE - INFINITIZE album. tu pun precious jgk haha. anyway, thank you so much. you always be there for me through thick and thin. thank you thank you :')

that's all. im still terharu hahaha
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