About My Boyfren: Gi Kwang / Ki Kwang

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first, amni nk credit to : wanaliopink !

  • :t: ki kwang is the shortest member in B2ST.
  • :t:ki kwang trusted people 100% without knowing they are just a cheater.
  • one of his fans asking him for a date and he answer it gentlely 'that's never happen" [something like that blabalabla]
  • :t:he likes hyosung from secret *i know this from OMS! omg they are so cute together.fangirl,throw away your jelousy.
  • :67:lee ki kwang, i hate your american dance -.-
  • :67:kikwang has the most busier schedule.yeah,in any B2ST variety shows,kikwang selalu hilang -.-
  • i don't know why,you look so cute in your red hair.WTH with your new hair?!
  • :t:KI KWANG first debut name is AJ [solo artist] you must be so lonely.THANK GOD B2ST WERE BORN.
  • :67:he do like chocolates,but he hate something with chocolate flavour.[hey guy,you are just too weird]
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